A garden hose is one of the attachments that enables pressure washers to function effectively. A pressure washer helps activate cleaning services at home and on business premises by ensuring you use fewer resources, less time, and achieve good cleaning. However, you need a Kink-Proof garden hose that aids in splashing water to a far distance. After using the garden hose, you need to store it appropriately to ensure it lasts longer. That is why this article explores creative ways you can store your garden hose after using it as a measure to ensure it lasts long. Read on to unleash more.

Creative ways to store your garden hose.

  • A Modern Hose Hook

One of the modern ways of keeping your garden hose secure is by hooking it o a modern hook specifically for hoses. Besides giving your garden hose a nice storage option, the modern hook also makes the environment look organized and appealing. You can get any of such hooks in any hardware. Choose the one that will match your hose perfectly and improve the overall look.

  • Garden Hose Storage Pot

Pots for storing garden hoses are available in various colors, designs, and materials used. They are a perfect option since you can store your hose in them and protect them from hot environments and theft cases. In addition, they are easy to use and add a nice appearance to the environment.

  • Up-cycled Tire Hose Pot

If you have some tires at home you don’t use; you can modify their usage and turn them into garden-hose storages facilities. You will realize this is a perfect way to save on money for buying extra storage facilities by using readily available resources.

  • Copper Drum

This is yet another option you can use to store your garden hose. But, again, it involves using readily available materials, just like the previous one for old tires. So, if you have some drums you aren’t using, consider transforming them into a garden hose storage, and it will also improve the look of your home.

  • Wooden Hitching Post

Again, you can use wood and other small equipment at home to make a wooden post specifically for storing the garden hose. What you will love about this idea is that you can customize the post and make it suitable for your home environment.

  • Galvanized Metal Pail

These galvanized metal pails will help you in various ways apart from offering an incredible storage solution to your garden hose. You can also use it to hold other tools at home. What is more is that it gives your hose proper storage, making it last long!


Cleaning activities are among the essentials at home. However, modern cleaning involves using high-tech equipment such as pressure washers for effectiveness. The pressure washer requires extra attachments such as a garden hose to clean up to higher heights. After use, you need to store your hose adequately to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. Use any of the above ideas for the best experience.


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