Are you thinking about adding an electric hub motor to your electric bike? If so, you’re probably in for a significant update to enhance your riding. Compared to conventional bike motors, electric hub motors have several benefits, including faster speed, better efficiency, and better power control. However, there are a few important aspects before jumping in and buying an electric hub motor.

Choosing the best electric hub motor for your bike is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your ride as electric bikes gain popularity. Electric hub motors can give you the ideal mix between performance and convenience. They have many advantages, including enhanced power and improved efficiency.

However, there are a few important aspects before jumping in and buying an electric hub motor.

Power Output:

The speed at which your electric bike can travel depends on the motor’s power output. Look for a motor with a wattage of 500W or more if you want one with a lot of power. A lower wattage motor will be better suited if efficiency and range are your main concerns.


The amount of room your motor takes up on your bike will depend on its size. Larger motors will require more space, but they typically have greater power. Look for a motor that is smaller in size if space is an issue.


Electric motors might be very light or heavy depending on the type you choose. Choose a lightweight motor if you anticipate moving your electric bike around. A bigger engine can be a better option if you exclusively use your electric bike on flat terrain.

Noise level:

The noise level of an electric hub motor should be less than 70 decibels if you want a calm ride because these motors can be rather noisy.


How much power you receive for the energy you use depends on your motor’s efficiency. The longer you use a motor, the more money you will ultimately save on energy expenditures. Look for a motor with a high efficiency rating.

Motor controller:

The motor controller controls your motor’s power and speed, serving as your “brain” of your electric bike. It’s crucial to pick a motor controller created to function with your specific motor. When the bike is in use, the motor controller should be able to deliver a consistent, slick performance.

Electric motor type:

Electric hub motors come in geared, brushless, and brushed designs. Brushed motors are the most popular choice and typically less expensive than brushless and geared motors. On the other hand, the efficiency and power of brushless motors are generally higher. Geared motors are the best for riding in hilly terrain because they have increased torque and power for climbing hills.

Final word:

Selecting an electric hub motor for an electric bike can be challenging. But you should be able to select a motor that meets your needs by considering the power requirements, kind of motor, size, gearing, and noise levels. If you get the proper motor, you may use your electric bike for years. Before making a choice, spend some time researching various models and reading reviews. Your electric bike will be prepared to accompany you on excursions with the right motor!


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